TEATRO PLAGUE “HOMESLUDGE” C-54 CASS (sextet recordings feat. Aaron Moore of Volcano the Bear and Justin Wiggan (Dreams of tall buildings), Neil Spragg, Ste Paxford, Chris Mapp and Susanne Hafenscher – an observed exodus in sound…) available now” http://hifiallergy.wordpress.com/

Teatro Plagues reviewed by Mark Barton for Loosing Today

A handful of missives and not a Justin Wiggan related item in sight, alas dear hearts you don’t get away that likely - like the buses - wait around for hours on end and three of the blighters rear up in quick procession at once - seems Mr Wiggan is keeping true to his promise of attempting a record for being in the most bands at any one time - last count 227 I seem to recall though I expect I’ll get an email remonstrating the fact that during a quick coffee break he managed to hook up with (or indeed pressgang) three more. A quick mention then for two - I’m assuming - works in progress - the third comes further down the missive (which if your reading this right now in the update format - will appear later at the weekend - or else should you be reading the completed missive as said somewhere below) in the guise of the latest Geography of Nowhere opus via the ever wonderful first fold imprint. Now we’ve been getting curiously nonsensical emails from the Wiggan one of late one of which warned of plans for a tape release attached to a walking stick or something like that as well as links to (aforementioned) works in progress the first of which is by  Teatro Plagues whose album ‘home sludge’ (described in passing as ‘an observed exodus in sound’) should be appearing shortly via the gold soundZ imprint and sees Wiggan pitching up his musical tent alongside Messrs Mapp, Spagg, Paxford, Hafenscher and Volcano the Bear’s Aaron Moore - the mention of the latter truly had our ears a pricked as its been way too long since we heard anything by VTB (in fact as I recall nothing since that mighty fine split with La STPO - see http://www.losingtoday.com/tales.php?id=277). There are so many facets and seeming spheres of fancy or influence that pervade through this cut, consumed in showers of insectoid crackles Teatro Plagues wearily weave through a musical text-scape that pulls into aural lay-bys once time populated by Montreal’s Constellation scene, Albert Ayler and the Big Eyes Family Players - what first appears as though some archaic folk ritual soon transforms and rests upon a noir jazz motif that’s almost funereal in its morose shamble - something which I’ll hasten to add ought to bizarrely appeal to admirers of Bablicon and of course Volcano the Bear. 

You can find the transplant mountains here -  http://gooddeedsinawearyworld.tumblr.com/ and teatro plagues here http://homesludge.tumblr.com/ 

theatre plagues

Teatro Plagues “homesludge part one “